About Betsy Vincent

Mother of two adorable boys, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a neighbor, avid golfer and former flight attendant – Betsy’s friends and family have described her as an inspiration, a blessing and a miracle.

Starting with unusual back pain in 2004, Betsy spent 2 years in and out of hospitals and doctors offices until she was finally diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma in 2006. Since then, although her medical battles were great, she remained a beautiful pillar of strength, cheerful as the day is long.

Named for Dallas resident Betsy Vincent, The Betsy Project, in partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, is a grassroots fundraising effort dedicated to supporting research of the rare cancer leiomyosarcoma (LMS).

LMS is a rare and aggressive cancer that develops from involuntary smooth muscle tissue and frequently spreads to the lungs, liver, and bone. Due to its rarity, there is little research associated with the disease and even less funding to support the development of new treatments or to find a cure.

So, when Betsy’s doctor, Medical Oncologist Joseph Ludwig, told her that if he had the funds he could hire a research team to focus their efforts solely on developing new and better treatments for LMS, her community rallied around her – If that’s what it takes then that’s what we’re going to do!

The funds raised have been donated to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, one of the nations leading sarcoma research hospitals. There, headed by Betsy’s doctor, Joseph Ludwig, they have begun research that will open new doors in treatment for Leiomyosarcoma patients – research that can potentially lead to treatment breakthrough for other forms of sarcoma as well!

Join us! Support The Betsy Project and make a donation to support Leiomyosarcoma research, and sarcoma patients everywhere!

Thank you for visiting the web site for “The Betsy Project-Let’s Cure Sarcoma Now!”  We are funding research for the rare and aggressive cancer, leiomyosarcoma or LMS.  Please take a few moments to learn about Betsy and LMS and make a donation!